Pergola Kits Buying Guide: How to Pick a Pergola

Picture this: it is a beautiful summer day, and you're enjoying the sunshine in your back garden with a drink in your hand. You can smell freshly mown grass and hear the faint hum of bumblebees from the flowers. It sounds like heaven—made much more perfect by the beautiful pergola you stand under.

An outdoor patio cover is basically an outside overhead structure that enables you to enjoy the current weather in every its glory while protecting you from extreme sunlight, wind and rain.

It protects you from harsh UV rays of sunlight as you enjoy its warmth through the summer. And when it's windy, you can curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and tune in to the calming sound of air whooshing past as your pergola protects you. Having an outside space helps you truly experience the wonder of nature around you.

These easy-to-use, attractive outdoor living structures can transform your yard into an operating, comfortable space that you, your household, and visitors are sure to love.

But modern manufacturers offer various types of pergolas , so be sure that you obtain the one that suits you best. This comprehensive buyer's guide is meant to help you explore a myriad of patio covers, making it easy for you personally to find the one that's right for you.

What is a pergola ?

Pergolas are wide-open structures with four support beams holding up an ornamental roof design just like a lattice. They routinely have no walls, thereby accentuating their nature as outdoor structures.

However, these vary significantly in design and construction material. And if you feel that your pergola needs a shade, it's possible to incorporate screens to it. If you need a peaceful space in your backyard, a pergola with a louvered wall will provide you with the privacy you need.

You can use a pergola to accentuate your backyard, of course, but also to link pavilions and provide shade on open terraces. They typically comprise slatted roofs that enable some sunlight into the space.

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