How to report insults and threats in Spain?

Insults and threats made by third parties to a person may be solved legally, as you will find occasions when they're considered a crime.

Knowing when insults and threats are a legal problem, in addition to the steps to check out to proceed with the complaint, is essential to manage the issue in the best way.

Correct reporting is vital

Before proceeding with a problem it is important to learn the main points about this case in order to proceed legally in the right way, and thus obtain the outcome which can be needed in the face area of insults and threats from other people.

Insults are comments that affect an individual in a negative way, with the aim of causing offence or humiliation, that will be considered a crime by legal regulations, while threats escalate to a more dangerous level, given they are announcements of another evil that individuals may suffer.

In this example it is required to proceed with a verbal or written complaint to the police.

It is necessary to offer all the mandatory information, from how a action took place, who to blame is, to presenting a witness to corroborate the facts, for example.

Presenting audio recordings, images or videos, copies of messages written on messaging platforms, or medical expert reports on the damage due to the threats, are useful evidence when filing a complaint.

Similarly, before proceeding with the complaint, it is essential to consult with professionals, like the law firm JA, to be able to gather the required evidence, and proceed in the correct way in different steps.

The Penal Code does not regulate certain insults as crimes, but it will regulate the crimes of insult and slander, which are known as crimes against honour.

Insults are actions that harm the dignity of persons, damaging their reputation or directly affecting their personal esteem. The fine for insult is from 6 to 14 months or from 3 to 7 months, with regards to the case.

Insults may be produced in the press, on television or the net, any media where the dignity of a person is undermined.

If a person is accused of a crime and it is false, it is considered slander, the penalty for which will be 6 to 2 years in prison, and an excellent of 12 to 24 months in the event of publicity, and if there is no publicity of the slander, the fine is 6 to 12 months.

In terms of threats, the Penal Code indicates a penalty of 1 to 5 years imprisonment if an amount or perhaps a condition is demanded, and 6 months to 2 years if there is no condition.

Why use a professional law firm?

Hiring the criminal lawyers at JA Law Firm is the better possible option. Located in Castellón de la Plana, they offer their services nationwide, and it is the greatest way to proceed with a problem for insults and threats.

Their long experience in the sector allows the lawyers to manage the complaint process quickly and easily, advising their clients to gather the necessary evidence to offer the complaint more weight, and looking for effective ways to protect their interests.

There are lots of procedures and actions to be carried out where people will make mistakes, causing them to reduce the case in the facial skin of threats and insults, so letting these expert lawyers solve the case is the best way to find good strategies.

They're also responsible for drafting complaints and lawsuits in the way in which so that they do not present any faults when they're presented.

In the event of insults and threats that may damage the dignity, image and self-esteem of an individual, filing a criticism is the most effective way to resolve the situation.

We wish to thank the professionals of the law firm JA, as they have provided advice and knowledge about them to be able to write this article.

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